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The recently released report (PDF) from CIER on the potential of offshore wind development in Maryland is steadily garnering statewide attention, including a Baltimore Sun article highlighting the report's findings.

News from CIER

GAIA: Climate, Climate Change and Public Health Workshop
April 12-14, 2011
Johns Hopkins University with CIER partnering
Baltimore, MD

Multiple Ecosystem Markets in Maryland
[Link to PDF] (2.6 MB)
December 2010 News Release

CIER FOCUS, Newsletter Issue No.2, January 2011

Offshore Wind a 'Mixed Bag': Strong Md. Potential, But Significant Hurdles To Overcome
October 2010 News Release

UMD Carbon Inventory, 2009 Update [link to PDF] (2.6 MB), September 9, 2010

Coastal Atlas and Offshore Wind Energy Webinar February 16, 2010

‘Main Street’ Economic Conditions Misread by GDP, February 18, 2010 News Release

Md. To Measure Economic Conditions From Main Street View, February 3, 2010 News Release

Md. Home Heat Efficiency Aid = Jobs, Consumer Savings, Less CO2, December 17, 2009 News Release

Home Heating Efficiencies Offer ‘Hat Trick’ of Savings, December 15, 2009 News Release

CIER FOCUS, Newsletter Issue No.1, October 2009

Greenhouse Gas Auction Revenues Can Help Cut Md. Electric Use Significantly, Says Study, October 22, 2008 News Release

Severe Climate Change Costs Forecast for Pa., N.C., Tenn., N.D., September 24, 2008 News Release

Climate Change Will Cost Maryland $Billions: UM Study, September 3, 2008 News Release

Cost of Climate Change State-by-State: $Billions, July 23, 2008 News Release

Hidden Costs of Climate Change: Major, Nationwide, Uncounted Says UMD Research, October 2007 News Release

Md. Joins Greenhouse Gas Pact: Next Steps Crucial, Says UMD Expert, April 20, 2007 News Release

Greenhouse Gas Pact Will Cut Md. CO2 Emissions and Cut Electric Bills, Says UM Study, February 1, 2007 News Release

CIER convened the Maryland 2050 workshop with more than 100 faculty researchers from the University of Maryland to help identify significant human-environmental issues that will face the State of Maryland within the next four decades, December 4, 2006

Cities Should Plan Now for Effects of Global Warming on Infrastructure, February 21, 2005 News Release

Last updated October 1, 2013

CIER In The News

Maryland-Based Government, Academic and Business Leaders Meet with Singapore Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission; MD-AEP, July 21, 2011

Editorial: A Transatlantic Shale Alliance; National Journal, July 13, 2011

MD-AEP signs Water Partnership Agreement with Singapore; ENN, July 11, 2011

UM study sees promise, pitfalls of offshore wind;The Baltimore Sun; October 22, 2010

Offshore wind, drowning in red tape, R&D, October 22, 2010

Katie Couric's Weather Report: All Wet (When It Comes to Climate Change), The Village Voice; May 5, 2010

UM report: home heating efficiency saves big;The Baltimore Sun, December 18, 2009

Study: Reducing natural gas consumption would help Md. MSN Money, Baltimore Business Journal; Washington Business Journal; December 18, 2009

Building Green; Maryland Gazette, December 18, 2009

Heating Systems Get Some Love in UM Survey; Contracting Business, December 18, 2009

Editorial: Fighting global warming won't bring economic ruin; Baltimore Sun, December 17, 2009

Report says Md. aid for energy efficiency would have benefits; Maryland Daily Record, December 15, 2009

Home Heating Efficiencies Offer 'Hat Trick' Of Savings: UM Study redOrbit, R&D,Physorg, E!Science News, December 15, 2009

Cutting emissions from air travel poses challenges; The Diamondback; December 8, 2009

Climate Study Puts Damage to New Jersey in the Billions, Star-Ledger, July 25, 2008

Warming Trend to Cost Illinois Billions, Study Projects, Chicago Tribune, July 25, 2008

Climate Change to Threaten Nevada Water Supplies, Gazette-Journal, July 25, 2008

Warming's Costs to Top Its Benefits, Study Says; Washington Post, October 2, 2007

The Buzz on Gore's Nobel Peace Prize, Christian Science Monitor, October 2007

Climate Change Costs Outweigh Benefits, United Press International, October 2007

Warming May Shorten Colorado Winters, Vail Daily, July 25, 2007

Greenhouse Gas Pact Will Cut Md. CO2 Emissions and Cut Electric Bills, Says UM Study, Exduco, February 2007

Report Examines Effects of Global Warming, Baltimore Sun, February 2007

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