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Andrew Blohm has been a Faculty Researcher at CIER since June 2008. He recently graduated from the Masters of Public Policy program at the University of Maryland, in the International Development specialization. He has a background in economics having majored in International Economics at the University of Florida. Andy has been working on a variety of research topics since coming on board including the economic impacts of climate change on specific sectors of the Pennsylvania economy. Future research topics include determining the possibility of lowering emissions in Maryland beyond the RGGI cap by focusing efficiency improvements into the end use sector of natural gas. He will also be working on a study determining the relationship between increasing temperatures as a result of climate change and their impact on electricity use and heat related mortality.






Nana Karlstetter has joined CIER as a visiting Researcher from the University of Oldenburg, Germany where she has been conducting research on regional climate adaptation strategies for the nordwest2050 project. She has also recently finished her dissertation on "Firms in co-evolution: a regional approach for regulating land-use conflicts."

At CIER, she is continuing her work with the nordwest2050 project, conducting dynamic modeling and a comparison between adaptation strategies in Maryland and the Metropolitan Region of Bremen-Oldenburg (Germany), especially in the food industry. Her research interests involve the development of sustainable business strategies, evolutionary and co-evolutionary economics, information systems, and socio-economic transformation.




Mark Olsthoorn joined CIER in March 2010. He is a visiting scholar from The Netherlands with a Master's in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. Prior to CIER, Mark worked at a Dutch think tank with public, private and non-governmental actors on complex environmental challenges. At CIER he is involved in setting up policy research and development for sustainable energy solutions. In collaboration with colleagues in Norway, he is also researching renewable energy infrastructure investment strategies for Maryland in the context of climate change and global climate policies.




Sean Williamson is a faculty research assistant at CIER where he works with local and regional stakeholders looking to understand energy consumption patterns, greenhouse gases mitigation options, and opportunities for enhancing sustainability. He supports greenhouse gas mitigation efforts at institutions of higher education including a specific focus on commuting and transportation. he has also researched the economic impacts of climate change in Maryland. Other research at CIER includes renewable energy development and data-driven decision making. He graduated from the University of Maryland School of Public Policy with Master of Public Policy and specialized in Environmental Policy. He also holds a BS in Biology and Society from Cornell University.


Continuing Collaborations with CIER Visiting Researchers




Hans Haake holds a Diplom (or Masters) in ecological economics and environmental management at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. He has worked on various issues, most recently sustainable supply chain management. His PhD thesis will work on regional adaptation to climate change, tying into Maryland 2050 and a major research project in northern Germany. After spending a year with CIER, Hans continues to work on the evolving partnership between CIER and the Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research (COAST) at the University of Oldenburg.

  Nicolai Herrmann was a visiting researcher with CIER. Since then he works as a PhD student for MVV Energie AG (a German network of energy utilties) at the corporate department for Technology & Innovation. His PhD thesis is on sustainable development and strategic backcasting in the energy sector; the thesis is supervised by Prof. Olav Hohmeyer of Flensburg University. Additionally Nicolai has some expertise in emissions trading, smart grids/microgrids, grid integration of renewable and distributed generation and energy storage, and CCS. He holds a degree as industrial engineer from Flensburg University (Germany) where he graduated in Energy- and Environmental Management in 2006.
  Guiblin Li joined CIER for a year of research from the Environmental Protection Bureau of Guilin China where he has worked since 1998. His research interests includes ecological industry and environmental economics and policy. He holds a MS in Environmental Engineering.
  Xu Jie joined CIER as a visiting scholar through the Outstanding Young Teachers Program of the Chinese Ministry of Education. She is a professor with the School of Economics & Management at Tongji University, in Shanghai, China. Her research interests include sustainable campus development and climate change adaptation.
blank placeholder   Yohan Shim is a research associate with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UMD and with CIER. He studied avionics engineering at the Korea Aerospace University in South Korea, and received his master’s degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and his PhD in civil engineering from UMD. His areas of interest are design and implementation of pointing and tracking system in free space optical communication systems, design and implementation of GPS-based aircraft guidance and navigation systems, and application of optimization and equilibrium modeling to telecommunication and wireless sensor networks, air transportation, and energy. He has worked on studies with CIER examining the energy impacts of Maryland greenhouse gas regulations.
blank placeholder   Ming Tian joined CIER in September 2010. He was a visiting scholar from the School of Public Policy and Social Development at Beijng Normal University, China, where is an associate professor. Prior to CIER, he has led and participated in more than 50 researching programs in urbanization, migration, regional development, environmental policy and energy policy both on national and local levels. He is the author of over 50 reports, book chapters and articles in journals. At CIER, he focused his research on the economic- environment interaction.
  Minmin Zhang is a Ph.D candidate at the School of Management, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing, China. She was awarded the Master Degree of Public Administration at Tsinghua University in 2006. Her research interests are in urban environmental issues in China, auditing standards on environmental performance, and enterprise internal control.